Start blogging – welcome you all to here

Hi………,You all are warmly welcome to the Ajith’s world

From the begining…

As you known earlier I’m Ajith.K.Ranatunga, now age of 23 years. I was born on 25th December 1984. My birthday is not special only for me, but all christians over the world. But I’m not a christian. Then my studies…I did my studies at mt/Pathingolla collage up to O/L. Then to Vijaya national collage, Matale. That was a one unforgettable period in my life. I sat for the A/L exam in 2004 and could get the university entrance that time. I was selected to the university of Peradeniya. Then the golden time of my life. Now I’m a second year student in faculty of Science and following Computer Science as the major subject. Although I,m following Chemistry and Statistics, I don’t like to them.

Then I’ll tell you about my hobbies,I like drawing, music and reading during my leisure time.If I have more time to enjoy, I like to hiking and rafting. Enjoy myself and explore the world. The university society is helping me to get experiences in adventure more than enough. If I’m talking about adventure, The University Explorers Club is the place. If I’m talking about music, dramas and those stuffs, Art Circle is the place. I’m proud to say that I could work as a committee member in both society. Then what else…….. most of the things I have done in the university is added an unforgettable experience to my life.

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