Orrientation Programe 2008

Fortunately I was able to participate Orrientaion programe held on last week at the University ground. This is the largest event which UEC members organize in a hike season. Lot of things to tell about orrientation programe.
This event is organized for School children who are willing to explore the nature and do adventure works. Actually this is a hiking competition for school children. This time about 70 school teams (about 800 childrens) were attended to this event. And another thing…
School from a very rooral area is selected and accompany there childrens to the university, day before to the orrientation programe and many many entertainment items are organized for them to enjoy. In the programe, they also make participate for the hiking competition and allow them to move with other students. All participants can be done events organized and add marks for their team. Finally a one team from boys and one from girls who got highest marks are selected and prizes are given to them.
The main goal is to encourage all students who are participate to the programme to build up their willing to come to the university and show them that how university life is.