Alagall Exploration

We had another remarkable event on last Week. That was the Alagalla Exploration. Our team, about 25 members went to Poththapitiya by bus from the University. We were lucky enough to hike on a picture-perfect day in january when the visibility was near 100% at the top of the mountain. The climate was perfect. Time was around 10 AM, when we start the Exploration. The whole trip, including a leisurely picnic at the top, took us two hours. We made our path back to University after having some fun time on top of the mountain peak.

I attended to a exploration after about 4 or 5 months and wanted to let you know readers what a pleasure it was to work with exploration(Hiking) and with UEC members.If you’ll be able to join with UEC for a one hike, I’m sure you’ll definitely recommend UEC to people looking for a society in the university of Peradeniya.

Sorry, I couldn’t bring a camera with me. If I’ll be able to collect some photos, I’ll definetely attach theme here..

Obama Becomes U.S President, turns page on bush years

Barack Obama took power as the first black U.S. president on Tuesday and quickly turned the page on the Bush years, urging Americans to rally to end the worst economic crisis in generations and repair the U.S. image abroad.
“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America,” Obama said, addressing an exuberant sea of people in an inaugural speech that was optimistic but realistic about the challenges ahead.
He pledged bold and swift action to bring new life to the U.S. economy and declared to millions watching abroad: “We are ready to lead once more.”