Alagall Exploration

We had another remarkable event on last Week. That was the Alagalla Exploration. Our team, about 25 members went to Poththapitiya by bus from the University. We were lucky enough to hike on a picture-perfect day in january when the visibility was near 100% at the top of the mountain. The climate was perfect. Time was around 10 AM, when we start the Exploration. The whole trip, including a leisurely picnic at the top, took us two hours. We made our path back to University after having some fun time on top of the mountain peak.

I attended to a exploration after about 4 or 5 months and wanted to let you know readers what a pleasure it was to work with exploration(Hiking) and with UEC members.If you’ll be able to join with UEC for a one hike, I’m sure you’ll definitely recommend UEC to people looking for a society in the university of Peradeniya.

Sorry, I couldn’t bring a camera with me. If I’ll be able to collect some photos, I’ll definetely attach theme here..


2 thoughts on “Alagall Exploration

  1. Wow..its great to see a nice Alagalle Exploration…
    There was a myth among ourselves that Alagalla & Great Western can not be completed without an adventure in a one hike season..indeed it was true for quite a no of years….!!
    When I was a junior member in 2003, we could complete the Alagalle journey nicely of course we did have a story on great western hike..(which I 'll share later).. It was May 2003 as I can remember and APPU ayya(UEC/02) was the president. We finished the hike early and reached Gangoda railway station early ( 2 more hours to the train..!!)So what to do.. we roam here an there in the station for 15-20 mins and got bored…Then attaraya ayyaa (UEC/03) and Pacha ayya (UEC/03) went on to the top of a rock nearby and started the PADURA..(it was our tradition..whenever wherever..SONGS) It went so well and finally we wished if the trained could be delayed to continue the "GEE PADURA"…Being new to UEC at that time , I still value that day filled with sweet memories..but the very next day we couldn't see GIRAVI akka (who took over first AID officer's job at hike) in the faculty and we got to know she was suffering from FEVER after 28 LEECH BITES..!!!!

    KKR /UEC2004

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