Vijaya College Matale

Matale Vijaya College celebrating it’s proud 123rd anivesary.

Vijaya College is situated in a beautiful landscape in Matale. It is surrounded by Vilshare mountain range. Collage has located in a corner of the City of Matale, just beside to the V.T Nanayakkara garden. School margine has marked by General hospital and International hockey turf from west, public cemetery and megistrate banglow from north, regianal Education office and V.T Nanayakkara garden from east and A9 road from south. It is a very first Buddhist school founded in sri lanka and it was founded by Hon H.s Olcot before 123 years before this(1886-2009). There are more than 2500 students currenntly doing studdies and about 100 staff members help them with principle Mr. A.K.D Siriwardhana. He is being principle at Vijaya National Collage since 2000. There is a huge library situated at west corner of the land helping students to find the universal knowladge with them selves and it says the proud history of the school. It’ll long being further more contributing a uncountable value to the collage.
I was lucky enough to be a part of the collage, when it celebrates its 115 anivesary in 2001.
“Proud to be a vijayans…”


One thought on “Vijaya College Matale

  1. Very interesting. part of the history of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka's struggle to maintain its identity.
    I wonder if the past pupils of Vijaya College are members of the Sri Lanka BUddhist Schools Association that is made up of past pupils of Buddhist Schools that countintue to work hard for to avert the problems faced by these schools. Ananda Vidyalaya, Dharmaraja, Viskaha, Mahamaya, Mahinda are some of the schools that are in this association.

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