Milestones, New beginning to life

The big things in life, finishing high school, leaving home, maybe college or a first job, graduations,promotions, buying a first house or a car, marrying the person I love. Those are the key things I love to achieve in my life and I’m sure you too. We hold such meaning to these key events but why? Maybe we appreciate the adversity we overcome, the doubts and fears we conquered to achieve them. Maybe knowing that we have at last succeeded, we would love the opportunity to again re-live or even change the past. Whatever the reason we cannot deny that these milestones are both new beginnings and points.

I still think of university as a key point in my life as I’m sure everyone does, but when I look back I realize that my feelings when leaving university were different to my feelings now. The thing is we are afraid of the unknown, sometimes without realizing it. We spend our lives racing to grow up and when we get to the point we had pictured ourselves at, we are confused. We have wanted this moment for so long and now that it’s here, we can’t imagine what we will go on to do. For some, we wish to go back because we live knowing we missed out on things in the rush to arrive at the milestone. For some we have achieved everything we wanted and we can’t see anything of value to peruse.

A grate one milestone has come now in my life. It is the graduation. My convercation is going to be happen on next 26 at university of peradeniya.

The important thing is to remember and to cherish, but not to regret or get caught up in the past. Remember that with each end there is a new beginning


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