How to Dissable or hide blogger blogspot navigation bar

please note that, according to the term and condition of you are not allowed to remove or dissable the navigation bar unless you’r blog has been published in your own server. This guidline is for those who have host their blog outside the But this code does work for blogs hosted in as well.

step 01.
This guideline is to remove the blogger navigation bar(at the top of you’r blog page) from your blog page. First go to blogger dashboard and find Layout->Edit HTML. Then you can see some html codes embeded in a xml file as below.

Step 02.
Coppy and past the code sample provided below inside the template. Code sample should be inside the css code. Make sure to put
the code sample where you define the css codes(inside of the template).

height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

Step 03.
Save template and view the blog. Thats all you have to do for dissabel the blogger navigation bar.


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