Fake Lotteries – MSN LOTTERY International program

Don’t know how many of you are already experiencing this. But I’m sure lot of people experiences this. Couple of days ago I got a mail with the subject of “Your Email I.D Has Won £500,000.00″(I’ve attached the complete mail at the end of this). And also I’ve got lot of such mails before this and I ignored those thinking who is the Generous person to give me such amount of money. And this time I did some google to find the true about this. Then I could find that this is basically a fake lottery claiming that they have selected you (out of nowhere) from a huge lists of email addresses or names.

You may be asked to pay a small sum of admin fees and provide your personal information, before you can claim the prize. This is targeted at greedy individuals who often feel that it is ok to depart with a small sum of “admin fees” of say “US$1,000 to US$5,000” in exchange for hundreds of thousands in prize award. The fact is that there is No real prize award waiting for you, after you pay the admin fees. Note that “admin fees” may be disguised in various forms, e.g. additional fees due to errors, transfer fees, legal fees, etc. The scammers just need to change these terms.

The mail is attached here…

from: Microsoft Award Team
reply-to : msnclaimsdept01@live.co.uk

to : undisclosed-recipients

date : Sat, Mar 23, 2009 at 1:32 PM
subject : Your Email I.D Has Won £500,000.00

Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of five hundred thousand pounds(£500,000) for New Year Edition 2008 Lottery promotion which is organized by WINDOWS LIVE & MICROSOFT WINDOWS,collects all the email addresses of people that are active online,among the millions that subscribed to Hotmail and MSN we only select five people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying,we congratulate you for being one of the people selected.


You are to contact your Claims Agent with immediate effect to faciliate the protocol of your winning prized before the date of Claim,Winners Shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Centre Prize must be claimed not later than 15 days from date of Draw Notification after the Draw date in which Prize has won. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.

To begin your claim please contact our licensed and accredited agent assigned
to you.

MR. Terry Martins

You are therefore advised to send the following information to the claims

1. Full name ………….
2. Country…………..
3. Contact Address……….
4.. Telephone Number ……
5. Marital Status ………
6. Occupation ………….
7. Company ………….
8. Age……………….

Congratulations!! once again.

Mrs Felicia James
(Operation Manager)


One thought on “Fake Lotteries – MSN LOTTERY International program

  1. This is also done those who are collecting email addresses for various purposes. If you guys forward any of email, use BBC field instead To field so that receivers can not view other receivers.

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