Bill Gates is pleased to see the declaration of 2009 as the “Year of English and IT Service in Sri Lanka

Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation, BIll Gates was congratulated to Mahinda Rajapakshe,The President of the Sri Lanka for his leadership in declaring 2009 the Year of English and IT Services in Sri Lanka. And he is pleased to see those involved in the implementation of this very important initiative very success moving forward.

He said that “I was very excited to learn about plans for the year which have a clear focus on IT, because this initiative demonstrates that His Excellency, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and his government recognize the extraordinary potential that information technology has to dramatically improve people’s lives in the country”

As he stated, Sri Lanka’s IT literacy rate has increased to 20% which represent a significant jump from 8% only a few years ago. English language speaking skills are also a crucial part of the foundation for future growth. Further speaking Bill stated that he and his company stands ready to fully support the initiative and Sri Lanka’s broader IT-objectives over the long term. The theme of the work Microsoft does in Sri Lanka is “Creating Employability”. To date, Microsoft has invested over 450 million repees in Sri Lanka towards these programs and plans similar investments over the coming years. They already have made Windows Vista Sinhala enabled, and they care currently localizing their Office suite for Sri Lanka.

You can view the Video of Bill Gates talk on


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