A short journey to Trincomalee

Another long week end, after long time. Our batch mates had organized a journey to Trincomalee. They had planned to left from University (University of Peradeniya) at around 8.00 a.m. There for most of our mates had arrived to the university on Thursday evening. But I had some work to take care of before I go. I planned to work Thursday to finish off them and join at Dambulla with others. So I got a bus from Colombo to Dambulla on Friday early in the morning and I could manage to arrive to Dambulla at around 8.00 a.m. One of my friend (Pradeep – Tayya) also was there at that time and I joined with him. Both of us had to wait around 2 hours there at Dambulla, until others come to join with us.

After very long time, about 50 folks have got together to have maximum of fun and spend some time gossiping. At that time, our guys have taken care of 10 bottles of …. . We had our lunch at “Hatharas Kotuwa” area and continued the journey. Driver of our bus was very cool person and he took very long time to reach to Trinco. First, we went to the hot wells at “Kanniya” and then to the beach. Sun was disappearing bellow the horizon when we reach to the beach. But everybody got down spending some time in the sea. Many guys had too much of drunk and doped. But we spent there at the beach until dark become very strong.

The place we were stayed at the night also very closed to the beach. There for we went to the beach once again with 3 bottles of liquor, as soon as finish the dinner. We kept on chatting and had a cool time, and got drunk- no excuse! As I thought, I took care of a lot of liquor. That makes me feel cool…. You know it’s very nice to be away for a while from the rush and busy city. And also to meet some people who close to me. We stayed till 1.30am

Got up at 5.00 a.m and went to the queue for attending to the short journey by ship. But there were lot more people there to travel by ship due to the long week end. We had to given up the idea and went to the “Koneshwaram Kovil”. After all these visits, I packed up my self and started to travel back to Colombo along, due to some work I had to taken care of. That was a short but sweet visit