Hi, As you known earlier, I’m Ajith. Ajith K Ranatunga. I have been blogging more than two years and I shared some of my experience here. At the begining, I was blogged at Blogger and two months back, I started to blogg at wordpress.com. It is easier to blogg here at wordpress.com than Blogger. Last couple of days I tried to redirect my blogg to my own domain and finally I could do that. Earlier time that I was blogging at blogger, also I had redirected my blog to my own domain.
Although I changed from Blogger to wordpress.com, my older post also could import to here. It is a solid functionality provided by both sites.
And finally I appreciate all of your comments and it will encourage me to do better things. Feel free to comment on posts or drop a mail to me at any time ajith@ajithon.net


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