Stop sharing google docs, use forms instead

What is Google Spreadsheets Integration?
Google Spreadsheets Integration allows responses from your form to be inserted into a spreadsheet in your Google Docs account. Use the instructions below to integrate a Google spreadsheet with a nice web form.

Create Your Google Account
Only a google account required. If you don’t have one, just visit to create a new google account and create a new one.

•Visit and click the “Get Started” button.
•Provide Google with the information they request to create your account.
•Follow Google’s instructions to complete your account setup.

Creating Google Form so that responses can collect to a Spreadsheets
•Click on the “Create New” on the left hand side of the window and then there will be a drop down displaying options to create.
•Select “Form” option there.
•They it will prompt a new window with options to create a new form.

•There are options to create any questions to your form. There are only 2 sample questions on your form for default. There is an option to add new items to the form. It can be used to add new form items to the form.
•At the end you can save the form and the link to view the published form will be appeared bottom of the page.
•And also you can edit the confirmation which the final user will get once he/she finish the submitting using “More actions” button at the top right corner.

Collecting Google Spreadsheets Results
Once Google Spreadsheets Integration has been completed, your form is ready to accept results. When a user fills out your form, their responses will be inserted into the specified Google Docs spreadsheet. Spreadsheet to store the data will be created automatically when you create a form.

Finally you’ll see a nice form like below one.

View Online Form Here

Congratulations!!! You have created your google form successfully. Enjoy it and please make a comment before you leave.