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How to share your google latitude location publicly in your blog or site

Finally, Google latitude has started a new service with which you can easily share your location on your blog or site with new google latitude badge.

To do so, you have to follow up couple of steps mentioned bellow

1. Visit to Google Latitude Badge
2. Now sign in with your gmail account to get the HTML code which to be embedded
3. After logging in, in the left had side click on Google Public Location Badge
4. Now at the bottom in the settings, select your desired option and click on save.
5. After saving, at the extreme bottom you will see the HTML code to be embedded. Edit your settings and past that code anywhere in your blog/site where you want the latitude badge to appear.
6. As we are in Sri lanka, google can’t find the location we are. Because of that it will show you the message “Current location Unavailable”.